ACT Fast Math Course – be FASTER and more ACCURATE

Conquer the fast-paced timing of the ACT Math section

  1. Do you run out of time on the ACT Math test?
  2. Do you find yourself guessing at the end, just to make sure you answer every problem?
  3. Do you want to get faster on the ACT Math section and more accurate at the same time?

If so, this course is for YOU!

ACT Fast Math Course Features

Self-Paced.  Watch, review, and practice as often as you need.


Covering more than 30 different concepts,  to help you solve ACT Math problems quickly and accurately.

Recognize patterns of consistently used problems on the ACT, so that you can set up problems efficently and confidently.



Access to the course for a FULL CALENDAR YEAR.   You have access to the course across multiple testing dates.

ACT Fast Math Course benefits

Increase Accuracy

Students will be able to solve problems accurately by recognizing how to best attack problems on the ACT.



Students will solve problems quicker.   Solving some of the most difficult problems in just seconds.

Answer more questions

Being fast and accurate is even more important to students because now they have more time to dedicate to the more difficult problems on the test.

Feel more Confident

With increased accuracy and better time management, students will feel more confident on the math section of the ACT.

Course Curriculum

Here are some of the topics that you will learn in the ACT Fast Math course:

  • Amplitude and Period
  • Area of Parallelograms
  • Area of Triangles
  • Asymptotes
  • Average Speed
  • Central Angles
  • Chase the Angle
  • Circles – Area and Circumference
  • Distance formula (pythagorean method)
  • Expected Values
  • Finding Endpoints
  • Functions
  • If you know – Part 1
  • If you know – Part 2
  • If you know – Part 3
  • Interior Angle Formula
  • Is and Of
  • Largest Result

  • Length of the line segment
  • Matrices
  • Mean Increase – Sum – Part 1
  • Mean Increase – Sum – Part 2
  • Number of Diagonals
  • Perimeter of odd shaped figures
  • Perimeter of Parallelograms
  • Plug in the middle value
  • Probability of multiple events
  • Probability of one event
  • Proportions
  • Pythagorean Triples
  • Ratios
  • Right Triangles – Length of Legs
  • Square units of Shaded Regions
  • Sum and Product of Solutions
  • Three Person Ratios
  • Trig Identity

I like the ACT Fast Math course, because it broke down difficult problems and simplified problem-solving methods with videos.  The videos were quick and easy to understand.  I feel like this will help me increase my speed on the math section to get farther and complete more problems.

Lauren C - Student

The ACT Fast Math Course was very effective in helping me recognize, understand, and practice various topics that I have seen on multiple ACT tests that I have taken.

The videos were very in depth and well-explained.  Therefore, I was able to fully comprehend each topic along with extra practice problems for repetition.  This was a very efficient study tool and I highly recommend it.

Jordan R. - Student

The ACT has so much content on the test.  Much of it, is extremely different from what we do in math during class at school. Additionally, with my busy schedule, I found it hard to find time to study for the ACT.

The ‘Fast Math’ program presents the test information in a concise manner and with the videos being just a few minutes long, it allowed me to study even when I didn’t have a lot of time.   These tips allowed me to work more efficiently and allowed me to allocate more time for difficult problems on the test.  This course was a game changer for me, allowing me to raise my overall math score 5 points!

Sydney Y. - Student

This course gave me a huge advantage on the timing of the test, and really helped me knock out easy problems that I wouldnt know how to do otherwise.

It introduced me to types of problems that I could expect to see and I immediately got faster and more accurate at answering these types of questions.   Easily my favorite ACT Math study tool to use.

Kori M. - Student

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